Ammega Business Service Center

Ammega Business Service Center

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The AMMEGA Business Service Center was established in 2021 in Katowice downtown. Today it employs over 100 employees, and this number will continue to increase. Career opportunities offered by AMMEGA in Katowice place the employer among the most attractive workplaces in the GBS sector. We offer jobs for global talents in HR, communication, marketing, social responsibility, procurement, IT, and finance. The majority of our employees cooperate on a daily basis with international teams spread all over the world. 

In Poland, AMMEGA is represented by two manufacturing centers, for Megadyne in Bydgoszcz and Ammeraal Beltech in Szczecin in addition to the Ammeraal Beltech Customer Solution Center in Bielsko-Biała. Together with the Business Service Center, Polish entities employ over 500 people today approaching 10% of the global Ammega workforce. 

In order to unite the brands of the Ammeral Beltech and the Megadyne under a common new identity, while preserving and building on the strengths of each, AMMEGA was established in 2018, creating a true global leader in the industrial sector producing transmission belts and power transmissions. Our products can be found in industries such as global logistics, food production and energy production. 

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