rndity; GoLang, Mobile & Embedded by Designa

  • https://rndity.com
  • HR: No
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Capital: Polish
  • Biegańskiego 15, Łódź

About us

We are a software house with a major goal to influence tech scene with innovative solutions that we build together with our partners. Competences of our team members combined together allow us to build full Internet of Things solutions in-house.

We strongly believe that true, fair partnership relations between us and our clients allow us for developing beautiful products in the sufficient manner that leads to great business results. And the best way of starting any project is getting to know each other, defining main goals and redefining them if necessary during workshops individually crafted for a specific venture.

We always happily share our experience and expertise obtained during years of our professional experience (we work together as a team over 10 years!) to make sure that the mistakes and obstacles that we've already witnessed don't occur again.

Let us meet you and let’s work together!



What you would create with us?

  • Mobile applications
  • Embedded systems and electronic devices
  • GoLang backends designed for Big Data evolution
  • UX/UI Design to support your business and product development

Why it's worth to work with us

  • We share our experience and expertise.
  • We design and develop beautiful products.
  • We value fair partnership relations.


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We are recruiting

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