Our motto is KEEP GROWING 🔝 That's why Evojam's core values are learning and doing good quality work. We use every opportunity to learn and we know how important teamwork is in growing and learning. And we have fun with what we do!

We work in an Agile way, using a modern tech stack. We use Scala, Java, NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, React, MongoDB, and plenty more. We build applications that work, that scale, that can be maintained over a longer time. Our primary customers are startups in the scaling phase from around the globe 🌎

The Evojam team works fully remotely 🏠 We maximize the effectiveness and comfort of remote working by taking care of communication and information flow, equipment, and relations in the team — not to mention our legendary parties and trips!

 For growth, fun, and building stuff that works, join Evojam!

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