About us

We are building two of the fastest-growing career websites in the world. We went from 0 to 50 million yearly readers in just 4 years! 🚀

We started out as InterviewMe— a crowd-pleasing career site, now #1 in Poland. Then, we went on to conquer the world with Zety, and we want you to do it with us!

We write guides for job seekers, and we publish career advice on some of the most popular outlets, including The Guardian, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. We’re also developing the best online resume builder on earth.

What you would create with us?

We are building the most advanced resume builder in the solar system. 20+ professional, modern, and basic resume templates to choose from, and they are super fast & easy to use. Candidates can use our cover letter builder to design one that matches their resume.

What will we do next? We're in the process of creating a sophisticated application for job seekers, and we are just starting work on machine learning algorithms that connect candidates with employers. Our vision is a world in which a candidate can apply for job offers with a single click.

Why it's worth to work with us

  • We have a team of 50+ people, and we plan to hit 100 this year. We are looking for A-players with exceptional skills and a winning attitude. What do we offer? A great workplace for world dominators: hard culture, fast growth, transparency, and no whining. Besides that, we simply like each other. We play to one goal and build a place where we want to come every day. We work hard for small and large successes, and, at the same time, we can and like to celebrate them. Join us and help us become the largest career site on the planet.


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