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  • https://www.prograils.com
  • Discipline: Internet and E-commerce
  • HR: No
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Capital: Polish
  • Sczanieckiej 9a/10, Poznań

Technical skills we value

About company

Hello, we’re Prograils - Agile Software House full of skilled web developers and mobile experts. Our development team combines technologies like Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React and HTML5 to build user friendly web & mobile apps.

We create custom software, applications and eCommerce solutions for early stage businesses, startups and on-line companies.

Communication is our strength - we practice the Agile methodology to manage our projects.



What you would create with us?

Niebanalne systemy, storony internetowe i aplikacje mobilne.

Why it's worth to work with us

  • Interesujące projekty. Zgrana ekipa i luźna atmosfeta w biurze. Liczne bonusy i dodatki. Karta multisport i ubezpieczenie na życie. Uzależniająco wygodne warunki pracy (luźne godziny, ergonomiczne stanowiska pracy, po okresie próbnym możliwość pracy zdalnej, chillout room z hamakiem, Play Station, piłkarzyki, świeże dostawy mate, owoce, pączki, prawdopodobnie najlepsza kawa w tej części miasta.)


  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package
  • Leisure package for families
  • Relocation package
  • Internal trainings
  • External trainings
  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Playroom for children
  • Integration events

We are recruiting

No offers

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