OLX Group

OLX Group



Mission: We fuel local economies by making it super easy for anyone to buy or sell almost anything through our platforms.

We are proud to be different, and we work differently too. We combine the spirit and agility of a start-up with the maturity that comes from being part of a 100 year-old company. At times it can feel like organised chaos, and that’s the way we like it. 

We are allergic to corporate interference and we love to operate in exotic and challenging markets. 

We improvise, experiment and push each other further. 

We are curious and ambitious. We embrace uncertainty and drive change. 

We are OLX Group.

Tech stack

GolangKotlinJavaScriptPythonSwiftSQLServerless frameworkNode.jsReactJSFlaskGitlab PipelineReduxWebpackElasticsearchGraphiteMySQLAWS ElastiCacheAKAMAI DSDAKAMAI KSDAWS ALBAWS CloudWatch

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