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The Magnificent 16

The Magnificent 16

Smooth recruitment process, efficient formalities, a lot of excitement with a light hint of uncertainty, the final countdown and finally… the first day in the office. Let’s meet Dominika, Paulina, Ada and Tomek, four out of sixteen Superheroes who joined STX Next at the beginning of September.

– I came across STX at InfoMeet this year. After a short talk with the recruiter I knew that I would do my best to join the company 

says Dominika, who has decided to change her career path from an assistant position in a clothing company to the role of a software tester.

 – I was really determined

she laughs 

– I caught the wind in my sails when I realized that I had a real chance to get the job, even though my experience in testing had not been big. During one of the interviews, my “only” job was to convince a Scrum Master that I was the perfect fit for the position. As you can see, I did it well! I’ve got the power, right? After 3 weeks of onboarding I already know that this was the best decision I could make, mainly because now I receive daily support from a group of highly experienced people – she adds.

Whether you join STX in Poznań, Piła, Łódź or Wrocław, the first day looks exactly the same: onboarding at the company headquarters in Poznań. – What was really hard during my first day in the office?

Waking up early to be sure that I arrive in Poznań on time. Believe it or not, but I am not an early bird 

says Tomek Karbownicki, who has joined STX Next as a Senior Python Developer. 

It was worth waking up and going to Poznań. I had an opportunity to meet Maciek Dziergwa in person. We were pleasantly surprised with the fact that the CEO found time to meet us, sharing his experience and answering our questions – he adds.

No pressure!

Our newcomers are superheroes in Recruitment and Employer Branding, Python Development, Manual Testing and Test Automation – quite a unique mix of skills, right? What these people all share is a success in completing the recruitment process. 

– My interview? Very nice and very different from the ones I’d had before, mainly because it was so relaxed – mentions Paulina Dziuba, a software tester, who was offered a position in one of big corporations in Wrocław at the same time. – I got a phone call from one of the recruiters at STX Next. I thought: ‘Why not? I’ll visit the office, talk with the recruiter, have a look at what they propose’ – to be honest, I had nothing to lose, as another offer was there waiting for my acceptance – she adds. 

What surprised me most was the way the meeting was conducted: it felt like having a coffee with a friend, not like being interviewed! There were no unnecessary questions; everyone in the room respected my time. It felt completely different from what I was used to. I had an opportunity to see what a software house atmosphere means and I felt that I would like to become a part of this world – adds Paulina. The most interesting fact is that her recruitment process took just 8 days, from start to finish. Sounds good? At STX Next everything is possible!

Decision in 5 minutes

What does quick recruitment mean? Ask Ada Mrzygłód, who has joined STX Next as Recruitment and Employer Branding Superhero and is now responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process and employer branding activities. 

Once the interview was over I knew that the quality of recruitment here is something I would like to follow. The recruiter not only answered all my questions, but also provided valuable input and materials regarding B2B – a form of contract that STX Next offers. I had some doubts at first, of course, as I was used to having a permanent contract. However, everything became clear quickly, which was really important for me. I decided to take the challenge. Think about my own company, Hi! HR – this sounds really proud, right? – says Ada. – The most interesting for me was the recruitment process it self. I got a call with the job offer within 2 hours after the interview! I had no doubts at that point – I made up my mind in no time!

she clarifies.

Our new Superheroes during the first day of their onboarding.

Meet your mentor

You’ve read a lot about the recruitment process and the importance of this topic. There is another aspect worth mentioning: the first day in the office. This is the day when every newcomer meets their mentor – a person who will guide them through the new professional reality. 

– I am fully aware that my experience is not that broad. A question about my potential mentor was one of the first I had to ask during my interview

says Dominika Góra, a software tester. 

– It might sound trivial, but my mentor is a true walking encyclopedia. She shares not only her knowledge, but also best practices and experience with me, helping to avoid mistakes she once made. As a result I have not only completed my onboarding program, but even went above expectations

Dominika smiles gently.

Feedback? Yes, please!

One of the key ingredients of the new employee onboarding process is a training in Feedback Culture. 

– What I really liked was the form of the training – a truly interactive and valuable discussion that will help me to be prepared for future meetings

says Dominika. 

– Feedback training? This is only the beginning! I definitely need to try this in the real business environment – adds Tomasz.

There will be many possibilities to practice this: lunches together, team meetings, daily team cooperation or integration events are only part of the activities waiting for our new superheroes. Even if it is hard to believe, the first 3 weeks are already behind them. There are new challenges awaiting – but, let’s be honest, this should be a piece of cake.