Our a9s Platform products are used by many companies around the world to build and operate cloud-native Application Development Platforms that power the work of thousands of developers.

We are looking for senior software developers and architects to help us drive forward the evolution of our a9s Platform in the Kubernetes Ecosystem. 

You will be working on the definition, design and implementation of our new automation frameworks for Kubernetes. These products for platform operators and application developers will provide a high degree of automation of complex operational tasks related to managing the complete lifecycle of applications, data services and/or entire Kubernetes stacks.

This encompasses, for example, the robust automation of the entire lifecycle management (provisioning, deprovisioning, scale up/down) of open-source data services such as PostgreSQL, Kafka, etc., and / or complete Kubernetes stacks consisting of many different extensions like service meshes, logging and metrics, etc.

The project is still in a very early stage, so you’ll have the rare opportunity to affect its design and architecture in fundamental ways, as well as to shepherd it from the coding of PoCs to production-grade quality.

If you think these are cool projects and what you’ve just read excites you, don’t hesitate to apply for this job, we look forward to hearing from you! 
Feel free to do that even if you match only part of the qualifications.

Very well
Continuous Delivery

  • Architect and design our new products for Kubernetes, taking into account the requirements formulated by the Product Owner. 
  • Perform research and experiments to evaluate design options.
  • Design user interfaces (APIs, CLIs, GUIs) that abstract away complex operational tasks for different end user types such as application developers and platform operators.
  • Participate in code reviews and test-driven development.
  • Code both PoCs as well as production-grade software that implements your designs.
  • Architect and develop support infrastructure such as CI/CD pipeline, testing environment.
  • Demonstrate our product to customers and train them to use it.

  • 6+ years of experience in software development
  • Design and coding experience in distributed systems
  • Understanding and experience of ensuring maintainability throughout the life cycle of a product and ability to transfer this knowledge to the team 
  • Experience in Continuous Delivery / Lean Development
  • Test driven development

Nice to have:

  • Worked on software projects in different lifecycle stages (from conception to operations)
  • Passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring more junior developers