At Zowie, we believe that buying online should feel like walking into your favorite local shop: personal, friendly, and easy. Our mission is to recreate offline shopping experiences online - but better. Zowie brings speed and empathy to customer interactions. Our platform automates responses to repetitive questions around return policy, order status, etc., and saves time for customer service agents, who can then proactively turn website visitors into paying customers. It can work as an add-on with existing tools (Zendesk, Shopify, Gorgias, etc.) or become a standalone customer service platform.

We are:

🚀 Growing fast. We plan on keeping the Team growing! You’ll have a lot of autonomy and impact as we grow.

🏈 Like a sports team. We take ownership of our work and believe in personal accountability. At the same time, we work together, support each other, and focus on winning as a team.

🧑‍💻 Remote-first and hours are flexible. We allow everyone to figure out the best ways to collaborate with their team. At the end of the day, it's about delivering! Those in Poland can work from our offices in Cracow and Warsaw.

We strive to be:

💪 Ambitious and innovative. We don’t settle on existing solutions and keep looking for better ways to tackle challenges.

👻 Bold and free-thinking. We trust our employees to find the best solutions.

🤸‍♀️ Agile and high-performing. We work smarter, not harder. We use our OKRs to keep ourselves focused.

🤠 Unafraid of change. Zowie is growing, and the market is changing. We thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

What you'll do:

We are looking for a Product Designer to: 

・collaborate with cross-functional teams

・establish design KPIs

・create wireframes, prototypes, and final designs

・validate ideas

・and contribute to a cohesive Design System. 

If you're ready to impact product development in a startup environment, we want you on our team!

As a Product Designer at Zowie, your journey begins by delving into the design process immediately after defining the project's business value and initial assumptions using Solution Battle. Your role encompasses a deep understanding of the project, engaging with stakeholders, and formulating a proposal to address the challenge, all while validating solutions through user tests and desk research.

In your day-to-day endeavors, you'll form a dynamic duo with the Product Manager, and together with the dedicated developer assigned to the project, you'll navigate the design landscape. At Zowie, we foster a culture of open communication within the design team, encouraging you to share your progress and tackle challenges collaboratively during our daily standups. Join us and work directly with your leader Michał in creating innovative solutions and elevating the user experience to new heights!


Squads: You gonna work with PM, Devs, and QA teams on a daily basis by collaborating with them on standups, project meetings, and brainstorming sessions, figuring out how to reach KPIs and make our product delightful. 

Set Design KPIs: We believe that even design can be measured. So, to make sure you made the right decision and avoid subjective criticism, you gonna set Design KPIs for each project. 

Conduct user interviews & tests: There is no better feedback like the one from the customer. Together with PM, you will be able to conduct user interviews and tests and, based on them, make recommendations for improvements.

Design System: If you, as we feel pure love for Figma and you know how to deal with modern atomic design systems, our still-growing DS will be a perfect place for you to test new features and visual directions.

Wireframing & Prototyping: As a core of your work, you will be preparing design solutions by creating user flows, wireframes, and final designs in Figma

Usability tests: We want to ensure that our UX proposals are bullet-proof, and even if our users are not pros, they won’t have any problems reaching their goals. To do that, you will run usability tests per each project.

Agile: for us, it’s not a buzzword but a fashion of how we work day by day. Setting to refine design concepts and implement solutions quickly is crucial to make things deliver fast and keep top-notch quality. 

We encourage a high degree of autonomy in your role. We really value qualities like creativity, innovation, and the quick execution of hypothesis testing in the design process. Your unique ideas and speedy testing are key ingredients to product success.

Ideally, you'll bring with you:

  • 5+ years of experience: Proven track record as a Product Designer or UI/UX Designer.
  • Portfolio: Demonstrated experience with at least 5 complex web app projects in your portfolio.
  • SaaS and startup experience: Familiarity with designing for SaaS products and thriving in a startup environment.
  • Attention to detail: A keen eye for detail with a passion for creating beautiful and appealing interfaces.
  • Goal-oriented: Ability to define and measure design goals, ensuring alignment with overall project objectives.
  • Technical understanding: Knowledge of HTML/CSS limitations to facilitate effective collaboration with development teams.
  • Research skills: Proficiency in various research methodologies to substantiate and refine design concepts.
  • Design Foundations: Possess a profound comprehension of design principles, encompassing motion and interaction design.
  • Presentation: Have strong communication and presentation skills. Can explain design ideas and show prototypes to stakeholders effectively.
  • UX Thinking: Strong ability to think holistically about user experiences and design systems, coupled with excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

18,000 zł - 25,000 zł a month

We will offer you:

👉 Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). You’re a part of our company’s future success.

👉 Unlimited paid time off. We trust each other and don’t count days.

👉 Great company offsites and individual integration budgets. We spend time together in person to strengthen our team.

👉 Health benefits. We offer an additional health insurance package.

👉 Development budget. We want to grow personally and professionally together.

👉 Home-office funds. Make yourself a comfy space for work on a daily basis.