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Android Nougat - what's new?

Android Nougat - what's new?

Recently Google has announced the name of its awaited new mobile OS - Android Nougat. What’s new? How our lives are going to change? Well, that’s exactly what our article below should cover. Find out what to expect from Android Nougat OS!

Android 7.0 Nougat is expected to be released this month. Google has added some tweaks to the new mobile OS, making it distinctly different from its predecessor.

1. Better UI

Let’s start with Android Nougat’s UI, one of the most obvious improvements in the new OS. When you swipe down from the top of the screen, you will instantly get the control toggles, therefore activating options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. is a lot easier to access.

2. Notifications

Nougat has a lot more space-efficient notifications (they occupy the width of the screen and use smaller fonts). Notifications arriving in stacks according to the given app is another improvement - we won’t have to deal with the entire notification menu being swarmed with messages from one application. Other than that - Google has enabled its users the “quick reply” functionality, also working with third-party app developers.

3. Keyboard themes

In Android N Google has added a lot of colorful theming options for its keyboard, also allowing users to set their own background image.

4. The dark theme is… gone again :(

Beloved by some, Dark Theme for Android, has been yet again erased from the new OS release, as Google guys themselves said, it’s very unlikely for DT to make it into Android Nougat final version.

5. Improvements in multitasking

Android is great at multitasking - that we already know, but there are rumors that Nougat will set the bar for competition even higher. Quick Switch functionality will allow people to instantly switch to the last application they used by simply double-tapping the “Recent” button.

Nougat will also enable its users to use the multi-window feature through the Recent menu. All they will have to do is click the Recent button and then choose another app to run alongside the first one, in a split-screen view.

6. Unicode 9.0 emoji

The new Android OS also introduced the new Unicode 9.0 emojis. What does it mean? New emojis are less cartoonish and more human-like, compared to the previous version of Unicode.

7. Vulkan API Support

Android Nougat also introduces Vulkan API support, which should improve the quality of gaming experience, Virtual reality, and other apps that need intensive graphical support.

Experts say that Nougat has been designed as a replacement for the well-known OpenGL. Its creators also say that Vulkan should make cross-platform game development easier and more streamlined.

8. Seamless updates

The new Google OS has axed the cycle of  “download update -> install it -> reboot” and replaced it with automatically downloaded updates, which will be installed on a secondary partition. What does it mean? After the next reboot of your device, Nougat will simply switch partitions and you will be able to experience the latest Android version.

9. Daydream VR

In Android Nougat, Google continues its VR actions. Daydream is the new VR platform (headset+controller hardware) and it uses Nougat-based UI, therefore using the VR content it offers will be a lot easier and more entertaining experience.

10. Better specs

Last but not least - Nougat also introduces some improvements when it comes to the efficiency of the operating system so Android 7.0 should be able to run relatively fast even on the older phones.

As you can see the new Android OS comes not only with some new cool features but also has made some improvements when it comes to already implemented functionalities. We will give it a try as should you if you are an Android user.