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Visuality was started 9 years ago in some small town outside of... Scratch that. I thought I would write a post about our history - how it all started and how we actually got to the point of being a successful development house. I even wrote it (I can send you a draft as a proof). But I read it and wasn’t satisfied. So I closed my laptop and went to a concert (GusGus - higly recommended). During that concert I realized what the problem with my post was. That was simple and the answer was actually a key to understanding our company. One word - Passion.

The key element that made Visuality happen was our passion for freedom. My friend Marcin and I - the founders of Visuality 9 years ago - never wanted a boring day-to-day job. We wanted to pursue our way of living and our interests. At any cost. Our third partner, Michał Młoźniak - who joined us 4 years ago – did it because of a true passion as well. Passion for programming.

Right now we hire about 30 people. And, do you know what the similarity between our team and GusGus band is? They are absolutely crazy about what they do too. They spend their free time thinking about their work. In our daily work we talk, we fight, laugh and swear - because we all care! And we thought that if we really want to pursue our way of living, we must concentrate on caring about our job and pursuing our passions. But let our people speak:

Kamil, Ruby Developer

Visuality means amazing people. In Visuality I’m able to learn and improve my programming skills and reasoning. I’m learning how to build an efficient team and how to work closely with clients in an Agile workflow. Finally, I’m not locking myself to one technology, everybody’s open to progress and new solutions.

I have decided to work here mostly because of Michał Piórkowski and Michał Młoźniak who interviewed me for the job - they were really good to talk to and to the point. I knew they were representative of the entire staff, and these were the kind of people I could work with. The company portfolio was impressive too, that was my secondary criterion.

Ola, Ruby developer

I shifted my career from biochemistry to programming. Visuality gave me opportunity to learn and to do projects for clients from the beginning. What does Visuality mean for me as the company? - a big crazy family! Before I had interviews with other companies and they wanted me to start immediately (and I had to finish some stuff at the university first) and only Michal told me that they can wait 2 months for me and they don’t care about being at the office 8-16.

But the most important that I didn’t know about it at the beginning, it came with the experience, after few months -  this company offers a lot when you want to learn things like new programming languages, new technologies, conferences etc. Also: our hackathons are great as they are truly dedicated to development of the new skills.

Marcin Stachyra, Senior Project Manager

Visuality is a great example of how small teams can deliver world class software. Visuality is a true company - not only a team of guys that make the business together, but a bunch of clever fellows you have fun spending time with; having own passions, personalities and a great sense of humor. Finally it’s a group of young experts, having mature approach to the business.

To be honest, never had such excitement on starting a new job. After I looked at their works and talked with the management my decision was pretty straightforward. I wanted to participate in making such high quality products that just shine. I wanted to support all these young spirits with my experience. Wanted to learn from them and to be proud of what I am doing at work. Well, let’s face it - Visuality is so cool!

Sakir, Ruby Developer

What I like from Visuality, it’s not a code house, we’re parts of building great products for only great clients. we’re taking parts at decisions, we’re suggesting about changes and we’re being a team with the client. At the end, we’re being successful altogether. seeing the dreams are coming real, with the best way done is a great feeling. Besides that, I’m seeing all the engineering studies are applied in here. so the things that we’ve learnt from university is useful for real life actually.

Am I happy that I quit amazing studies to create Visuality? YES! Am I sure that entrepreneurship is my way of life, even though it’s really hard? YES! Why? Because every day I work with a team of amazing people who really care about what they do.

But if you really want to know how it all got started, drop into our office and throw a question - I promise to share with you an amazing story!

Michał Piórkowski, CEO