Lead Java Developer

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Your tasks

Joining us, you will work on:

  • Creating usable, efficient and elegant Java code
  • Building a micro-service based architecture
  • Monitoring production and keeping it stable
  • Foreign Exchange business requirements

Your daily tasks:

  • You and your teammates are responsible for all aspects of delivering software to users:

o Development

o Automating testing and deployment of small and frequent releases

o Speaking to the product owner and business on features and requirements

o Production availability of your service - if you build a service you own the service

Project description

Our client`s businesses generate millions of transactions across a range of financial markets. Our IT teams design and develop modern systems covering all aspects - trading in the markets, sales and customer tools, handling transactions and building financial and regulatory reporting.

Who we are:

We are a 120 strong global team located across New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, London and Krakow. The team covers a wide area of functions:

  • Risk delivers client facing applications including risk managment
  • Trade Workflow is responsible for trade booking and other trade lifecycle events
  • Compute focuses on valuations
  • And there are many other areas

What we do:

We are building an in-house platform to support all primary functions for FX Trading (pricing, booking, routing, risk management and valuations) which is replacing a vendor platform. Our pods adhere to the DevOps ethos and work closely with the FX traders. Everyone in the team develops and releases components of the system into production. So far, we have performed 15,000 releases to build out our PTS and have demised the vendor platform in all European and North American trading sites.

Who we're looking for?

  • Experience with Java 8+ (Concurrency, data structures, lock-free, wait free code, low latency, lambdas)
  • Familiar with TDD, continuous integration, jUnit, continuous deployment and testing
  • Experience with REST and messaging technologies
  • Understanding of DevOps practices
  • FX business knowledge an advantage, but focus is on technical skills
  • Experience of working in an agile team
  • Demonstrates a passion for software development outside of work through involvement in open source, working groups etc.

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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