CRIF is an innovative international Group specialized in IT solutions, decisioning systems, outsourcing, banking software and consulting services; our clients are mainly finance companies, insurance companies, utilities and enterprises and we support them  in each step of their relations with their customers. 

Very well

  1.   Second level support 
  2. Product and Solution Configuration 
  3. Test execution 

  • Work with other project stakeholders to understand customer needs and deliver products and/or services that meet client requirements and enhance client satisfaction.
  • Perform appropriate product configuration
  • Quality assurance before delivery to customer: Plan, define and execute test cases;
  • Implement customer-specific reports or dashboards
  • Identify and document issues and risks, offer realistic recommendations and alternatives that if approved achieve desired corporate and client results.
  • Work with developers to troubleshoot bugs, feature requests and coding requirements and limitations related to improving the company’s products.
  • Product monitoring to identify risks
  • 2nd Level Support
  • Communicate with customers to troubleshoot issues and determine appropriate resolution.
  • Supports post-sales and post-delivery activities in complex problem resolutions
  • Reading/modifying Java scripts for finding/correcting errors.
  • Taking part of development process for change requests for current customers.



  • Degree in Economics, IT or Mathematics;
  • 1-2 years total industry/position experience. Committed and talented candidates with no professional experience but sound knowledge of software development are however also interesting for us!
  • Microsoft SQL coding skills including the ability to read existing code (T-SQL)
  • Ideally: basic knowledge of Neo4J database or other similar graph database
  • Understand basic network connectivity, ideally including experience with VPNs FTP and SFTP.
  • Ideally: basic Know-How of SOAP/XML and/or REST/JSON interfaces
  • Basic knowledge of SQL reporting tools (Tableau, SSRS, Power BI) would be an asset
  • Working knowledge of common office software and tools, including Microsoft Office Suite.
  • English as pre-requisite condition for employment, at least B2 level in spoken/written
  • Basic knowledge of Java language (ability of scripts reading) would be an asset




CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy) CRIF has an international presence, operating over four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). 

More than 10,500 financial institutions, 600 insurance companies, 82,000 business clients, and 1,000,000 consumers use CRIF services in 50 countries. 

Specializing in credit information systems, business information and credit management solutions, CRIF offers banks, financial institutions, utility companies and businesses qualified support in every phase of the customer relationship: from the planning of development strategies to acquisition, through to portfolio management and credit collection. With innovation at the heart of their continuous development, CRIF solutions enable the forecasting of market developments, improvement in business performance, reduction in business and credit risks, fraud prevention, and optimization of processes while containing costs.