Some of the responsibilities of this position are:

  1. Assume a role of technical leadership in designing and implementing secure architectures for both on-premises and cloud solutions.

  2. Conduct comprehensive assessments of existing security capabilities, closely monitor changes in the digital business environment, and stay attuned to emerging threats. Subsequently, you will be responsible for charting a clear roadmap and devising a strategic plan to fortify security measures and implement relevant solutions.

  3. Develop and meticulously document security reference architectures, design patterns, roadmaps, and other architectural resources that align with established policies, standards, and industry best practices. These resources will be instrumental in harnessing security capabilities and embedding Information Security controls in projects and ongoing operations. 

  4. Undertake the responsibility of assessing and selecting security products, conducting proof of concept deployments, and making informed decisions regarding the integration of new security capabilities.

  5. Collaborate with application and infrastructure projects to contribute to the definition of the security model. You will play an active role in promoting a security-by-design approach among project stakeholders across all organizational levels.

  6. Forge strong collaborative ties with peers and colleagues spanning Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Operations, and Governance. This collaboration is pivotal to ensure seamless alignment with security standards and best practices throughout the implementation and operational phases.

  7. Stay abreast of the latest developments in the cybersecurity landscape and monitor market trends closely to ensure Healthineers remains at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence.

Some of the main benefits for this position are:

  1. UoP / B2B
  2. 100% remote work
  3. Annual bonuses
  4. Extra days off
  5. Multisport, MyBenefit, medical care, life insurance and many others

The perfect candidate for the role:

  1. Possess over 4-5 years of pertinent experience in the realm of Cybersecurity or as an IT Infrastructure Architect. You should have a background as a security architect and a comprehensive understanding of both on-premises and cloud technologies, with a strong emphasis on their security considerations.

  2. Hold applicable Industry Certifications, such as SANS/GIAC (e.g., GCIA, GCIH, GNFA, GCFA), CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CISA, CISM, or have completed relevant coursework in the field of Cybersecurity. Additionally, possessing certifications tied to ISO27001 or CSA STAR would be advantageous.

  3. Demonstrate advanced English language skills and outstanding communication abilities. Your communication should be articulate and concise, enabling you to effectively engage with stakeholders of varying backgrounds and technical proficiencies.

  4. Exhibit profound expertise in infrastructure solutions, cloud technologies, and network solutions. You should have hands-on experience in project management and technology consulting.

  5. Possess a comprehensive understanding of security governance and compliance frameworks, incident categorization, incident response procedures, and associated response timelines.

  6. Be well-versed in security frameworks and methodologies, such as NIST, SANS, Mitre Att&ck, and the Cyber Kill Chain.

  7. An added advantage would be your in-depth expertise in SAP architecture and the associated best practices for security. Furthermore, a familiarity with prevalent SAP components like the ABAP application server, SAP HANA database, SAP router, and more would be considered a valuable asset.



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