Senior Software Engineer (Go)

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Your tasks

As an engineer at Form3 you will strive to find elegant solutions to complex problems, whilst ensuring high quality code is consistently delivered. 

Working in small, highly agile, self-managed teams that share a common interest in engineering best practices, our engineers understand that quality is everyone’s responsibility. We favour open-source collaborative development – leveraging open-source tools and communities, whilst always making sure to share knowledge back up stream. Put simply, we are cloud-native enthusiasts and DevOps advocates.

Our Software Engineering team are distributed across 16 European countries and can work remotely 100% of the time. However, if you'd like to see people from time-to-time, we do have offices in both London and Amsterdam that you are welcome to use whenever you want.

In terms of tech, we aim to ensure our engineers have access to the tools they need to do their job properly. Here is a list of the current technologies and methodologies you'd be working with at Form3;

Go, AWS, Kubernetes, Microservices, Docker, Terraform, Github, Postgres, Redis, CQRS, Prometheus, Vault, Consul, PACT, Linkerd, Elasticsearch, TDD, BDD, Pair Programming.

Project description

At Form3 you will have the opportunity to design, develop and deploy backend cloud-native services within a powerful state-of-the-art microservices architecture. The work is cutting edge, constantly changing and focused on building highly available, low latency, scalable solutions.

You will play an active role in introducing new technologies and ways of working to stay ahead of the competition, without ever compromising on quality. Contribute and collaborate with other engineers on technical and architectural decisions. Enjoy end-to-end ownership from concept to deployment, including building and operating infrastructure, toolset and deployment pipelines. Develop your skills, work on cool projects with the latest tech, all whilst working with a talented, diverse and friendly group of people.

Who we're looking for?

  • Passion for cloud-native technologies, modern infrastructures and tools, and keeping up with the latest in engineering best practices
  • Experience in designing and building distributed, scalable systems
  • Exposure to public cloud platforms (AWS, GCP etc)
  • An appreciation of the DevOps culture and the value of automation
  • Emphasis on code quality and software development best-practice
  • Polyglots who are comfortable picking up new technologies with a “right tool for the job” mentality
  • Above all, we’re looking for enthusiastic engineers who love working in a DevOps culture and value teamwork, different perspectives and blending disciplines.

Whist Go is our main programming language, you do not need to have previous experience with the language before joining Form3.

Distributed Systems
Best Practice
Cloud Computing
How we manage our projects?
How we code?
Version control
Pair programming
How we test?
Unit tests
Integration tests
System tests
Performance tests
Test automation
Operating system
Work environment
Flexible working hours
Business trips
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Recruitment process

- 14 days
Screening-Call with Talent Team
Take-Home Test
Video interview with Engineering Team

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