Software Engineer - Browser

  • Consult Red
  • Wrocław
  • 17 000 - 20 000 PLN net / month
  • Employment contract

Consult Red


Experience level: Senior

Here you will develop your English, your soft skills and use them daily with your customers, colleagues and partners. Working here will take you from being an engineer to being an international level engineer, caoable, confident and , best of all, highly desirable for employment.

What You'll need to bring:

  • A minimum of 5 years embedded C or C++ in an embedded Linux environment
  • At least a year of working with integration or developing browser technologies
  • Top class English and communication skills
  • Working with large stacks including multithreaded and multiprocess code
  • Strong debug and problem solving skills using the latest tools
  • Ability to understand complex engineering issues and discuss them via phone, email and other methods
  • Flexible, can-do approach towards colleague and customer requests

Nice to have:

  • Networking knowledge
  • Webkit or similar


Necessary on this position:
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Embedded
  • Browser
Necessary and we can teach you:
  • Yocto or bitbake

Project you can join

You will work in an agile environment reporting to a Group Lead or Project Manager and will have considerable exposure to our clients and other partners. Working as part of a small team, you'll be a key part of the planning, design, development, debugging and integration of embedded browser software modules for cutting edge broadcast and internet TV receivers, Set Top Boxes and similar embedded devices. Mostly working in C++ each day under Linux, you'll optimise memory, performance and solve hard multi-threading problems in big code bases as well as targeting code to new platforms.

Work time division

New features
Bug fixing
Client support

How we code?

  • Style guide
  • Code review
  • Pair programming
  • Static code analysis
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • Code metrics
  • Knowledge database

How we test?

  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • System tests
  • Pentests
  • Performance tests
  • Manual testing
  • Test automation
  • CI


  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Additional monitor
  • Headphones
  • Personal container
  • Phone
  • Freedom to pick your tools

Work environment

  • Tech supervisor
  • Open space
  • Separate rooms
  • Dress code
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote possible: 20%
  • Business trips: A few days every few months
  • Paid vacation: Yes


  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package
  • Leisure package for families
  • Financial bonus
  • Equity
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Lunches
  • Adaptation tips
  • Language courses
  • Temporary housing
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Visa Services
  • Sign up bonus
  • Flight ticket
  • Money for moving expenses
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Playroom for children
  • Integration events

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