Polcode is a global, remote-first software house on a mission to help companies build and improve their digital businesses, software platforms, eCommerce stores, websites, apps and everything in between. PHP is a core technology in many projects at Polcode, both for building brand new applications, and transitioning our clients off legacy applications to the latest services.

We’re looking for Developers to join our awesome team of PHP experts. We’re flexible with requirements, so if you are a candidate who has a majority match, but do not meet 100% of the requirements, that’s OK! We’d still love to hear from you.

Very well
Symfony / LaravelReact / Vue / AngularJavaScriptMySQL

 What you’ll do in the role

  • Create powerful and configurable backend products more flexible, scalable and maintainable
  • Bridge gaps between backend and frontend technologies (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript)
  • Refactor existing codebase to drive up code quality and ease future functionality
  • Work across organizational boundaries (business, DevOps, QA, PM)
  • Release quality code backed by proven testing techniques
  • Drive processes that improve software delivery and cost efficiency, while reducing risk
  • Provide daily problem solving and estimations of work



  • A passion for programming and keeping up with the latest technologies
  • Confident in object oriented software development with PHP 7
  • Familiar with Symfony, Laravel or Magento 
  • Strong command of React.js, Vue.js, Angular or Node.js knowledge and principles
  • Experience in databases (MySQL) and query optimization
  • Knowledge of English at least at a B2 level


  • Knowledge of readability and maintainability standards of code focused on clean architecture
  • Skill in choosing the right tech solution for a business problem and justify its choice
  • Experience in using Docker, ElasticSearch, AWS services and non-relational databases
  • Use Git and Doctrine on a daily basis and know how to use them efficiently
  • Positive attitude towards people and predispositions for holding a leadership role

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Leisure package
  • Conferences
  • Books
  • Trainings


  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks
  • Integration events
  • Fruits

1. Apply and meet our IT Recruiter
2. Join a technical meeting with HR Technical Advisor or complete a recruitment task
3. Expect our quick feedback

Polcode Sp. z o.o.


Since 2006, Polcode has delivered excellence in digital services and has become one of Poland’s leading software houses. We are a Polish company at heart but our international clients are based in the USA, Canada, Western Europe and more.

Our team of over 150 professionals helps both startups and world-leading digital companies build products, grow their business, and scale their workforce globally. We excel at open source technologies: PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Ruby on Rails, Python, React, VueJS, Angular or Magento to build amazing experiences for our clients. Our achievements propel us forward to do bigger and better things. 

We support personal development and work–life balance by ensuring training budget and offering a fully remote work mode and truly flexible working hours. We believe that creating outstanding software can be paired with ambitious talent and making friends along the way. Respect, openness and readiness to help are the key elements making up a good team. Aside from experience and eagerness for development, we value a sense of humor and friendly atmosphere at work.

Join us and make sure that at Polcode people always come first.


Learn more at www.polcode.com

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