Senior Software Engineer (File Asset Storage)

Senior Software Engineer (File Asset Storage)

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Project description

The Storage Vertical:

The Storage Vertical is a critical portion of Service Delivery, providing Relativity with all of its storage needs. It abstracts away infrastructure management and provides operations with mechanisms by which underlying storage infrastructure is built, operated, vended, and consumed. This Software Engineering Manager will play the role of a leader in the Storage Vertical, driving its overall interests in optimizing infrastructure for efficiency, reliability, and the satisfaction of all of Relativity's storage requirements.

The File Asset Storage Team (FAST):

Within the Storage Vertical, the File Asset Storage Team (FAST) owns all unstructured data storage needs for the Relativity application. The FAST team manages the internal storage servers upon which all of Relativity relies. We develop and maintain the infrastructure and the control plane that facilitates the provisioning and consumption of file storage space. We develop storage-layer abstractions to increase our platform's data management capabilities, reduce costs, and increase business agility. Our key challenge: how do we simplify and optimize the management of petabyte-scale cloud storage to the delight of our customers and developers?

Our team is looking to build out the next generation of infrastructure. Join us as we work to leverage cloud-native technologies to respond to the scale of Relativity’s increasing growth as well as to idiosyncratic nature of massive-scale storage. To achieve this, our team is using a diverse set of technologies, including Linux, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Powershell, C#/.NET, and SQL.

As a senior software engineer, you will be responsible for managing and driving the full software lifecycle of the unstructured storage offering. You will identify and implement optimizations, continuously drive enhancements to its operational state, define and promote best practices, design and plan the future of the service and the offering. You will work with Staff and Principal Engineers to continually align the service with the storage platform's vision. You will work on our storage abstraction layer, data plane, as well as the control plane that manages these in order to deliver petabyte-scale, cloud-native storage solutions for Relativity.

Who we're looking for?

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience (at least five years) in software development
  • Experience running Linux in a production environment
  • Experience working with a cloud platform (Azure, AWS, GCE)
  • Experience working in an agile development environment (using Scrum, Kanban, etc)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience developing with C#, Powershell, and/or .NET Core
  • Experience with FUSE drivers, File Systems, or Systems development
  • Experience working with large-scale storage infrastructure
  • Experience developing and delivering in a continuous deployment environment
  • Experience developing and maintaining RESTful web services
  • Experience building automation for software and infrastructure
  • Experience leveraging or building functional or performance testing frameworks
  • Experience in container-based development on Kubernetes is a major plus
  • Experience with Azure-based storage offerings is a major plus

.NET Core

How we work?

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Tech skills
  • C#
  • .NET

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