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Krakow Wrocław

Project description

Big integration framework with huge knowledge base about message formats used to communicate between many applications within an investment bank.

The system also has its own portal to provide users with all necessary information about using of formats.

It also gives users a chance to investigate a selected format right on the portal using its rich web application UI.

Furthermore, users can download all necessary libraries and artifacts to start using the selected format in their applications and integrate with other applications.

Major parts of those artifacts are built dynamically on a host server. All of these stuffs are waiting for you on our project!

Your tasks

  • Developing in Java (Spring, Maven, JDBC, company internal libraries, JUnit, TestNG, Log4j)
  • Understanding the technology stack and how it impacts their - remove at all, it looks weird development approach
  • Thorough testing of features built
  • Adhering to design guidelines and standards
  • Ensuring builds are completed without errors
  • Second line support along with the rest of the development team
  • Bug fixing
  • fix and development of new/existing Lingua services/applications;
  • planning and implementing releases for services and applications being developed by the Lingua;
  • taking care of all environments including unix-servers and database services;
  • providing active support of Lingua users;

Who we're looking for?


Technical skills:

  • Java (Spring, Hibernate);
  • JavaScript ("vanilla" JS, ExtJs);
  • Databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL - it might be a part of future migration due to usage of Azure in the company);
  • Unix (base level of usage should be enough);

Communication skills:

  • be initiative and pro-active (SB appreciates that);
  • propose and take care about implementation of ideas;
  • be ready to contact many different support teams to get results for any requests;
  • be ready to participate in informal meetings implicitly related to the Lingua;
  • Developing in C# (.NET)
  • Understanding of messaging services(OrcaNG)
  • Rich Web Application, JavaScript
  • ExtJS

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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