Luxoft is one of the major software services companies world-wide. We deliver professional software services in multiple business verticals such as finance, automotive, and digital transformation. Supporting large vehicle manufacturers in the area of development, production and aftersales is Luxoft's ambition.

The software inside a vehicle was traditionally expected to be a very controlled and self-contained environment. Equipping cars with perception and machine intelligence changes a lot in the overall picture of the vehicle manufacturer. LUXOFT's goal is to empower our customers, with deep domain knowledge and smart solutions, to develop cars of the future. Great mechanical engineering is not the only criteria anymore for delivering the best cars in the world. Using state of the art software technologies are key to provide the requested user experience.

For the development of state of the art middleware software components for the future autonomous vehicle generation of a premium German car manufacturer, we are searching for experienced Test engineers to join our international team.

In the context of the development of the next car architecture this automotive SW development project will gain a central role in the client's EE Architecture.

The subject of this specific project is the development of a software platform for the next generation of the client's autonomous driving system. This includes software engineering and software development activities for platform functionalities and systems functions of the SW Platform.

System Functions in this terms are all open and proprietary functions which are

  • necessary for E/E integration into a vehicle: e.g. programming, diagnostics, coding, vehicle clock/time sync management, service discovery, communication via standard links like ethernet etc.
  • necessary as a supplemental function: e.g. logging of data to external logger boxes (tracing), debugging capabilities (e.g. via JTAG)
  • necessary for internal operation of the system, e.g. process management, CPU/RAM/Flash quota management, scheduling
  • necessary for the safe operation (e.g. ASIL requirements, watchdogs, diagnostic monitors)
  • necessary for the secure operation (e.g. HSM configuration, secure boot concepts for all relevant SoCs etc.)

The software platform is based on an QNX operating system, which hosts a commercial Adaptive AUTOSAR stack including OEM specific functionalities for

  • programming
  • diagnostics
  • coding
  • vehicle clock/time sync management
  • service discovery
  • logging
  • process management, CPU/RAM/Flash quota management, scheduling
  • safety and security functionalities like certificate management, HSM configuration, secure boot, etc.

The software stack developed within this project shall be deployable to different underlying hardware platforms. The initial launch of this software stack is currently targeted for July 2025.

Develop uncompromising software solutions for the autonomous driving platform within BMW Ito processes

Platform development for safety critical systems based on QNX.

Designing and developing the software in C++ to its validation in HIL and its seamless integration with both hardware and vehicle.

Ensuring that the performance, robustness and security of the developed software is leading the benchmark.

Working with Agile development methods and modern tools, participation in Agile rituals.

  • Experience in the field of object-focused software development and quality assurance
  • Experience in C++ 14 (object lifetime, memory management, templates and other software design best practices as implemented in C++). Later projects will need C++17
  • Misra Rules and Guidelines
  • AutoSAR Rules and Guidelines
  • Clang-tidy
  • Klocwork
  • Experience in Jira, Confluence, Codebeamer, git, Bazel, Linux development environments and cross-compiler toolchains.
  • Writing robust and reliable software with 100% Unit test coverage using google test/mock, integration tests in Python to control the software on the target using Pytest as well as BMW internal test tools
  • Contribute to design and concepts, based on customer-provided use cases and requirements. Work with software architects and senior engineers, with the ability to contribute towards internal Area component requirements derived from high-level concepts.
  • Solid understanding of POSIX, experience in QNX is desired
  • Experience in Adaptive AutoSAR
  • Solid grounding in embedded software development and debugging tools (logging, gdb, QNX tools like Momentics) for on-target hardware
  • Ability to tackle complex problems by dividing into smaller tasks for practical solutions. Define constraints on tasks to obtain optimal solutions, focus on customer deliveries. Organize own work towards high-level goals
  • Know how to estimate and improve estimates over time, principles of scrum poker and other estimation techniques at a high level (Epics), as well as a detailed level (Tasks)
  • Ability to work independently but also able to leverage Team-work
  • Experience in communicating complex topics
  • University degree in Computer Science (or comparable qualification).
  • Experience in Safe Software development, ISO 26262
  • Experience working in Agile processes

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a global digital strategy and software engineering firm with over 17,000 international employees within its 58 offices in 29 countries. It is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. 

In January 2019, Luxoft was acquired by U.S. company DXC Technology. Luxoft partnered with LG Electronics to create a next-generation Autonomous Mobility concept vehicle that integrates consumers' personalized digital lifestyles into a driving experience. Luxoft enabled Switzerland's first Blockchain based e-vote platform with the City of Zug and Hochschule Luzern's Blockchain Lab.

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a world-renowned company. It has been present on the Polish market for over 13 years. We have offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk. We employ over 2,000 professional experts carrying out projects for over 100 clients from the financial, automotive, medical, tourist industries, etc. We work for many international clients, including the USA, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

So far, Luxoft Poland has made a name for itself as a company that offers work on innovative projects, we offer various experiences in the field of IT, opportunities for rapid development, an extensive training program, and attractive benefits for employees.

At present, 62% of Luxoft Poland employees come from Poland, and 38% from around 50 countries, including Ukraine, Brazil, India, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, USA, etc.

At Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company almost 80 percent of employees are experts with the "Senior" experience level, with at least five years of experience. We care about our employees, so every day we try to provide them with the best possible conditions for work and development.

Technology is our passion! We focus on top engineering talent means that you will be working with the best industry professionals from around the world. Because of that, Luxoft is a global family with an epic atmosphere – we love what we do!