Senior Software Engineer - Find and Discover

Online interview
Remote possible

Your tasks

  • Write secure, maintainable code that powers the world’s leading product design platform
  • Collaborate with your teammates to create and integrate with InVision APIs and software systems
  • Work on a backend microservice architecture written in Go and Node.js
  • Launch and support features that will be used by millions of designers around the globe
  • Participate in code reviews and help guide software architecture decisions
  • Work closely with product managers and designers to design technical solutions that are architecturally sound

Project description

The Find and Discover Squad works on our home, global navigation, global search, spaces, and other related features within the InVision software. We are a uniquely positioned team – often integrating with multiple InVision product areas. On this team, you will be working with a passionate group to help enhance systems that improve customer interaction with the InVision system. You will be working on services written in Go and Node.js, and helping us build best-in-class solutions that delight our customers.

Who we're looking for?

  • 3+ years of Backend experience designing and building high volume, scalable SaaS applications from end-to-end. Strong proficiency in Go and modern backend frameworks
  • Multiple years of experience debugging complex issues; you can debug a web application problem all the way from the browser, through the transport, through the application and servers and databases and asynchronous queues. Logs and core dumps don’t frighten you
  • An affinity for creating software that is high quality, extensible, performant, and easy to read
  • Curiosity to iterate and improve on solutions; you view unknowns as challenges and enjoy them
  • Use of continuous integration and delivery technologies at an expert level; you have the ability and interest to teach others best practices
  • Motivation to understand the business, our users, their requirements, and to deliver results
  • Passion for continued learning and a track record of picking up new technologies and skills as you ship awesome code


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