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  • 24.09.2019


Poziom doświadczenia: Senior

Job Requirements: 

  • Experience working on containerization-based technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes / OpenShift
  • Scripting capabilities (e.g. Bash, Python) as well as Java and Go
  • Demonstrated advanced knowledge of Linux
  • Experience in Agile
  • Positive attitude, attention to detail, a team player, excellent problem-solving skills, and strong work ethic

Nice To have:

  • Experience using cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with software build tools (e.g. Maven) and continuous integration and continuous deployment tools (e.g. Jenkins, Nexus) and provisioning (e.g. Ansible)
  • Familiarity with Cloud Native Applications design patterns and best practices
  • Experience completing automation projects, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code
  • Experience in exposing and consuming REST, gRPC services as well as API Gateways / API Portals such as APIGee
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases such as Couchbase, Cassandra
  • Experience in ElasticSearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Graphana, Splunk, Jaeger
  • Knowledge of Vagrant, Chef or Puppet


Wymagane na tym stanowisku:
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes lub OpenShift
  • Bash
  • Python
  • Agile
Mile widziane:
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Projekt, w którym możesz pracować

Sabre is a company full of passionate experts who work on delivering outstanding travel industry solutions. Whether you travel to connect with your friends or family, go abroad to learn other cultures or for business - you connect with other people in a special way. We are looking for people who will help us improve the world by making travel more convenient and affordable.

Our team Sabre Next Generation Platform System Services provides a technical platform for Sabre product teams. The technical platform gives product teams freedom to deploy enhancements multiple times per week. Teams are able to deliver new features from concept to production in days. It's possible because the Platform as a Service that we offer solves common issues like autoscaling, log aggregation, metrics collection and analysis, transaction tracing, messaging. We utilize Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, EFK, Istio, Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, AWS. We’re also very keen on open source. We contribute to some of the technologies listed above as well as publishing other things we’d like to share on our GitHub account. Each member gets time to “Sharpen the Saw”, to play with new toys or technologies. We take pride in delivering high-quality software in the Cloud.

NGP Monitoring team builds solutions to Monitor, Log and Trace applications on NGP Platform. Team is using and extending Open Source tools to give Applications possibility to monitor their state, enable proper logging and trace the application execution on OpenShift.

For you Cloud is more than a job, it’s also your hobby and passion. With a background in development, operations, and R&D you know what it takes to design, automate and support cloud deployments. With a sense of urgency, you can deliver high-quality solutions. You quickly learn new skills and then apply them to the problem at hand. You bring passion, enthusiasm and technical proficiencies to our team.


  • Building our Next Generation Platform for running Microservices, and Containerized Apps in the Cloud
  • Developing Cloud solutions including PaaS, CI/CD, Messaging, Monitoring.
  • Participating in the Open Source products evaluation, analysis, configuration end customization according to the Sabre requirements
  • Utilizing Agile to deliver high-quality, reactive solutions, with a keen eye for scalability and reliability
  • Training other teams to run their products using our Platform,
  • Acting as a technical consultant and advocate for the NGP System Services
  • Applying fundamental skills, concepts, and practices to solve difficult assignments

Why is it worth working with us?

  • Explore new technologies at our Innovation Lab (3D printer, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment, Robot construction kit, Internet of Things devices, Access to quantum computer via IBM Cloud)
  • Lift your qualifications through wide range of trainings and get technical certification reimbursement
  • No dress code, flexible working time and get additional day off
  • Recommend your friends and get a very attractive referral bonus


  • Testy jednostkowe
  • Testy integracyjne
  • Testy systemowe
  • Pentesty
  • Testy wydajnościowe
  • Testowanie manualne
  • Automatyzacja testów
  • CI


  • Laptop
  • Komputer stacjonarny
  • Dodatkowy monitor
  • Słuchawki
  • Osobista szafka
  • Telefon służbowy
  • Swoboda doboru narzędzi
  • System operacyjny

Środowisko pracy

  • Przełożony techniczny
  • Open space
  • Pokoje
  • Dress code
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Praca zdalna: 40%
  • Godziny pracy biura: 7:00 - 18:00


  • Pakiet medyczny
  • Pakiet medyczny dla rodziny
  • Premie
  • Akcje
  • Zimne napoje
  • Gorące napoje
  • Owoce
  • Przekąski
  • Lunche
  • Wskazówki adaptacyjne
  • Kursy językowe
  • Tymczasowe mieszkanie
  • Pomoc w szukaniu mieszkania
  • Pomoc z wizą
  • Premia za dołączenie
  • Przelot
  • Pieniądze na koszty przeprowadzki
  • Konferencje
  • Szkolenia
  • Książki
  • Parking dla samochodów
  • Parking dla rowerów
  • Prysznic
  • Pokój relaksu
  • Pokój zabaw dla dzieci
  • Imprezy integracyjne

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