At Tangora / Idea North we are currently looking for the right person to fill in as our low-code platform implementation specialist.

What the heck is low-code and who we are?

OK, so low-code in our terms means joining basic blocks to build complex web applications right in the browser, yeep, browser. It is the primary tool we use. We developed a bit of software within which (using browsers of course) you can create databases, scripts, create layouts for sites, pages, web components, etc. you name it, all using standard blocks. It is really fun! And it is blazin’ fast to work with!

Tangora is a Danish company, and as Danes we love hygge! But to hygge-all-day we needed to simplify our work, and that’s how our low-code platform was conceived!

Idea North is a branch of Tangora that operates in Poland, Wrocław, and we do love hygge, probably even more than Danes! So if you are looking to work in a hygge-like environment, drinking specialty coffee all day, doing some keyboard-typing and mouse-clicking whilst creating exciting apps, then… Do we need to elaborate further? Oh, and there’s no client meetings, none, zip, nada, null… Hygge!

What does the work look like?

Initially you’ll be tasked with getting yourself familiar with our low-code platform. We will answer all your questions and after a short period of time our project managers will start throwing some smaller tasks at you. You’ll get a chance to meet them in person at some point, they might pop in at our office or you’ll be traveling to theirs, but most of the time you’ll be exchanging comments in Asana or Teams. Some Teams meetings are unavoidable, but we are trying to reduce the time spent on these to a minimum. Hygge!

We’ll teach you everything there is to know about our low-code platform, all you’ll need to bring is fluent English (in writing/speaking), some understanding of HTML, CSS and basic JS to the table, and we’ll take it from there. Of course your previous experience with databases, web applications, accessibility is always a plus.

Typically our employees are happy to work with us for 8-10 years and more! It is because we care about them. For starters you’ll get whatever hardware you want to work with, laptop, extra monitor or two, decent headphones, keyboard and mouse of your choice, own coffee mug, etc. and after probation period we’ll get you on board with a permanent job contract. Did we mention nice salary brackets to start with and annual reviews? Hygge!

Our Poland offices are located in the south-west Wrocław, in a convenient spot, not too far from the city center, but not directly in, so you can typically avoid traffic getting in and out. There are buses, trams and trains close by, but not too close, you can’t actually hear these. Driving a car? No problem, there are plenty of free parking spots around. Not a fan of bringing your own food to work? We got you covered, there are some convenient stores around and some restaurants not too far. And we have specialty coffee at hand in the office. You can bring your plant to join other green colleagues in the office. Hygge!

  • Job in a multinational company
  • State-of-the-art low-code software solution to work with
  • Work for big & small Danish customers as well as government agencies
  • A chance to learn new skills and improve on the ones you already have
  • English as primary working language
  • Permanent job contract after probation period
  • Family-like business, tight teams
  • No client meetings
  • No overtime
  • We’ll teach you everything as we care more about your willingness to learn skills required than your formal education
  • Hardware setup of your choice (PC or Mac)

  • English (fluent in writing/speaking)
  • Basic understanding of HTML (syntax, semantics & accessibility features)
  • CSS (use of variables, flex, grid, box-model)
  • Basic Javascript (variables, functions, events)
  • Can do attitude
  • Willingness to work back- and front-end
  • Attention to details
  • Nice to have:Solid architectural understanding of web applications, including performance, quality and security aspects

Idea North sp. z o.o.