Core Dealing Developer (Java)

Core Dealing Developer (Java)

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The team & the role:

Core Dealing are the development teams, responsible for the design, development and maintenance of backend execution services that make up trading platforms. 

Services include: Order Management, OTC Execution (Price checks, auto hedge algo’s trade  execution, Stop filling), Position Management (position management strategies, creating, updating positions), Money Management (Realising PnL, Updating cash balances, ledger updates), Realtime Valuation (Realtime calculation of clients Margin amounts), Client Exposure Monitoring (Real Time monitoring of clients risk, closing positions to reduce exposure) 

There are also many other microservices that contribute to a trading platform that Core dealing  are responsible for, making up a large complex estate.

Who we're looking for?

The Candidate:

Technically, Core Dealing developers need to be prolific and passionate Java developers first and foremost. A technologist that is always looking to improve, interested in financial trading and wants to continuously improve themselves and those around them. 

Core Java is essential, and a good understanding of the Java Memory Model and threading practices are expected. 

We are really looking for developers with a proven track record and those that keep an eye on  emerging technologies and want to engage with them. As a senior developer, you will be expected  to guide junior developers and get involved in refactoring legacy code as well as writing new  services/applications from scratch. 

Core Dealing developers are exposed to a number of Java frameworks and technologies, any of the  following would be advantageous: 

Spring, Spring boot, Spring Integration, Apache Camel, Oracle Coherence, Apache Ignite, Kafka,  ActiveMq Artemis. JMX, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Tomcat.

Java Core
Java Memory
Spring Boot


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